●  Special Mix Chamber design - Provides maximum air suction and produces maximum amount of small air bubbles, which increases the rate of oxygen supply.

●  High Efficiency Sewage Impeller design – Suitable for most all sewage environments.The Jet pump is equipped with strainer which prevent solids to block water flow.

●  Submersible aerator design – The Jet pump runs very quietly while submerged in the water and you can also install the silencer on the air suction pipe to decrease any noise levels. The Jet pump design can save the cost of construction of a silencer room which is required with a surface blower.

●  One set of ejector is equipped with one piece of expansion pipe. Expansion pipe is made of PVC which provide good resistance to corrosion.

●  Simple Construction – Easy to install and operate, with no need to install complex piping. It can be used with our GRS (guide rail system) for ease of installation and maintenance.



Performance Curve:




●  Living wastewater, manholes, stock farms, wastewater treatment, supplies of oxygen to slurry treatment tank.

●  To produce the water current in fountain pools or water tanks to help avoid accumulation and decay on the bottom of tank and pool.

●  Aquaculture farm, oxygen supply for water tank.

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J - Submersible Ejector Pump

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