HCP IC series - Dewatering & Landscaping Submersible Pump

Specially designed submersible pump for agricultural irrigation pumping and landscaping water feature pumping. Top discharge design ensures that the motor is sufficiently cooled during operation. 

  • The range includes 1.1kW up to and including 7.5kW pumps. They are available in single phase 230Volt and three phase 415Volt
  • Pumps feature a double, back to back mechanical seal (Inner = Carbon vs. Ceramic, Outer = Silicone carbide vs. Silicone carbide) The seal is located in the oil housing and runs independently from the pumped product. It is thus not dependant on product for cooling or lubrication
  • Pumps are fitted with a motor protector “cut” thermal device. This protects the motor from burning due to overloading etc
  • The chrome steel impeller and stainless steel construction makes these pumps suitable for sea water pumping applications.


Standard design; VCT cable, dry motor equipped with auto-cut to prevent motor from burning, abrasion resistant double mechanical seal with oil seal. 

Water cooling motor to ensure long operation, high efficiency and energy saving.
Take off strainer and install a check valve can be used as surface pump for underground water.


Aquaculture water supply and drainage.
Water supply for agriculture irrigation, underground water pumping.
Landscape and horticulture irrigation.
Extraction of water from river and lakes.



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IC - Dewatering & Landscaping Submersible Pump

  • Brand: HCP PUMP
  • Product Code: IC series
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