HCP SF and SA Series - Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

This Stainless Steel series is suitable for all light acidic/alkaline liquid, and corrosive sea water with pH value between 4-10. 
All “O”-rings and gaskets are Viton® rubber.

  • Ranges from 1.1kW up until 7.5kW. They are available in single phase 240Volt and three phase 415Volt.
  • Single phase and three phase pumps up to and including 1.5kW can be fitted with a single float level switch to facilitate automatic unsupervised operation.
  • Pumps feature a double, back to back mechanical seal (Inner = Carbon vs. Ceramic, Outer = Silicone carbide vs. Silicone carbide) The seal is located in the oil housing and runs independently from the pumped product. It is thus not dependent on product for cooling or lubrication.
  • Pumps are fitted with a motor protector “auto cut” thermal device. This protects the motor from burning due to overloading etc.
  • Constructed in ANSI 316 Stainless steel with Viton® “O”-rings and seals.


Best structure, dry-motor with auto-cut, silicon carbide double mechanical seal.
Corrosion resistant construction, suitable for light acid and basic media or sea water.
Shaft, hardware, outer casing and cast parts are made of stainless steel SUS316/304.


Waterproof structure of whole pump adopt viton packing resist corrosion in acid and basic media.


Adopted advanced stainless wax-off precision casting with precise model of best quality and smooth surface.


Pumping drainage water from garage sprinkler system.
Pumping sewage from single and muti-family dewellings.
Water drainage for chemical,pharmac-eutical and metal processing factory.


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SF/SA - Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

  • Brand: HCP PUMP
  • Product Code: SS & SF series
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