• End Suction Centrifugal Pump


TF pumps come in a wide and well-diversified range. Characteristic curves for the different models are distributed in a rational manner, making it easy to select the model most suited to each specific user requirement. This, together with high performance efficiency, means big savings in operating costs because it is designed for continuous duty.This series of pumps is characterized by:

  • Highly stable and broad characteristic curves;
  • Performance characterized by high absolute values over the majority of the curve;
  • Flat absorption curves at high delivery rates, preventing motor overloading even during prolonged use;
  • Good suction capacities at both low and high delivery rates.


  • Pump body manufactured to EN733-DIN24255 and UNI7467-NF E-44-111 standards, built with flanged suction and delivery openings (UNI2236 Pn10).
  • Pump body cover which closes the rear pump body and houses the mechanical seal.
  • Brass IMPELLER centrifugal radial flow type.
  • Anti-rust shaft (HI-Crplated 45# steel shaft)
  • Mechanical seal (graphite to ceramic or graphite)
  • Protection IP55
  • With thermal overload protector in single phase motor
  • C&U bearing or local bearing.


TFM & TF pumps are CENTRIFUGAL SINGLE-IMPELLER PUMPS manufactured to EN733-IN24255 standards.The impeller, mounted on the end of the drive shaft, directly faces the suction opening machined in the pump body. The shape of the impeller is designed, with minimal hydraulic losses, to impart radial motion from the centre outwards. During this operation the blades inside the impeller channel transfer energy to the fluid both in the form of pressure and increased speed. The fluid leaves the impeller is conveyed into the volute which, together with the cone diffuser, transforms part of the kinetic energy into pressure energy.


These pumps are recommended for clean water and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components. They are principally used for industrial, agricultural and civil applications, where they make the most of their sturdiness and dependability. They are manufactured to EN733-DIN24255 standards. Overall dimensions, sizes and positions of suction and delivery openings, support feet and other dimensional characteristics comply with these standards. This means that users can be sure these pumps will meet even the most demanding heavy-duty needs and that they can be perfectly interchanged with other standardized pumps.Their structural shape allows dismantling without disconnecting the pump body from the pipeline(back pullout),making them easy to use in widely varying conditions. They should be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather.

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End Suction Centrifugal Pump

  • Brand: TOYOO
  • Product Code: TF32/160A and TF32/160B
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