• Low Lift Centrifugal Pump


  • Flow rate up to 600 l/min(36m3/h)
  • Head up to 22.5m


  • Suction lift up to 7 m
  • Fluid temperature up to 40
  • Maximum ambient temperature 40


THF pumps are specifically designed for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. Their performance levels, mechanical design and structural materials are explicitly selected for these uses. The shapes of their volutes and impellers, with ample passages, make them suitable of pumping even fairly dirty water. They can achieve high delivery rates under continuous or heavy duty, making them advantageous for rain and gravity irrigation, for pumping water from lakes, rivers, wells, and for a wells and for a wide variety of industrial use. Where high delivery rates must be achieved at low to average heads?The pumps hould be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather.


THF pumps come in a wide and well-diversified range?
Characteristic curves for the different models are distributed in a rational and complementary manner, making it easy to select the model most suited to each specific user requirement.
Special design efforts were made to unify the entire THF series, which is distinctive for its;

  • especially ample characteristic curves;
  • no surging phenomena even when pumping near minimum forecast delivery rates;
  • performance characterized by high absolute values over the majority of the characteristic curve;
  • flat absorption curves at high delivery rates, to prevent motor overloading even during prolonged use;
  • good suction capacities at both low and high delivery rates.


  • cast iron pump body
  • brass impeller with centrifugal radial flow type
  • anti-rust shaft ( Hi-Crplated 45# steel shaft)
  • With thermal overload protector in single phase motorall three phase motors require an adequate external motor protector, and connections are be according to current standards
  • stainless steel mechanical seal(graphite to ceramic or graphite to SIC)
  • protection IP 44.
  • C&U bearing or local bearing

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Low Lift Centrifugal Pump

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