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PRESSCONTROL is a device with a new concept that guarantees optimal control of pumps for home use. Deriving from a hydraulic and electronic logics project, it is capable of simultaneously detecting both the pressure and the flow, as well as automatically managing the pump operation.
It replaces the traditional expansion tank system, protecting the pump in the case of a water shortage.
Far more compact than traditional systems, it is totally reliable, resistant, and easy to install.

Applications and Performance

  • Replaces the traditional expansion tank system.
  • Starts and stops the pump in accordance with the opening and closing of the taps.
  • Maintains constant pressure during delivery.
  • Stops the pump in the case of water shortage, protecting it from dry running.
  • Attenuates the effects of water hammering.
  • Maintenance-free.

Technical Features - Electrical Parts

Monophase power supply voltage


Acceptable voltage variations

± 10%


50-60 Hz

Maximum current

16 (8) A

Maximum power

1,5 kW (2 HP)

The electronic board accepts minimum voltage variations of 207V and maximum variations of 253V with a frequency of 50/60 Hz.
It supports a rated current for resistive loads of up to 16 A, and a rated current for inductive loads of up to 8 A.
It is capable of controlling a monophase motor with a maximum power of 1.5 kW equivalent to 2HP.


The device can be mounted either directly onto the pump or between the pump and the first tap.
If the input pressure of the device exceeds 10 bar (1 MPa), install a pressure reducer between the pump and the device itself.
No tap must be mounted between the pump and the device.
It is essential to mount the device with the flow arrows pointing upwards (fig. A).

It is recommended to connect the output of the device to the plant by means of a ball valve and flexible tube (fig. B).
Before starting the device check that the pump is correctly primed.

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